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Beacon Educator, an enterprise of Bay District Schools in Florida, hosts Just Science Now, along with several other sites providing online professional learning and curriculum resources.

Beacon began in 1997 as a response to teachers' requests for effective online resources to improve student achievement. Today, Beacon's major focus is on developing and offering online professional learning options, while continuing to maintain a collection of related websites.

Visit one of our Beacon companion websites!

  • Beacon Educator - A range of quality online staff development opportunities for teachers of all subject areas and all grade levels.
  • Beacon Learning Center - An extensive database of online student lessons, teacher lesson plans, teacher unit plans built through a standards-based development process.
  • Florida Educator - A website builder that allows teachers to build and maintain classroom websites from simple web forms.
  • Reading Educator - A description of reading strategies with actual classroom examples, associated lesson plans, and links to sites for more information.


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